Bull Lake, Montana, USA by Renee Lund

Bull Lake, Montana, USA by Renee Lund

By Renee Lund »
Nikon D3100 | Sigma 10-20mm | 1/125sec | f/10 | 200

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Bull Lake, Montana, USA by Renee Lund

During our camping trip to Bad Medicine CG last August I enjoyed a stunning day kayaking on Bull Lake in Montana. Peacefully drifting on my kayak, it suddenly appeared, a ‘Landscape in a Bottle!’ I had just been thinking of all the wonderful aromas and fragrances from our campfire to the evergreens and as I watched the landscape drift past, it started to take shape. There, right before me was a landscape full of every shade of green with the sounds of nature pouring out onto the water. The reflection was like glass and completed the shape I had hoped for.

Renee LundI have to admit that taking your digital camera equipment on board a sit on top kayak can be fairly risky. However, the passion for photography for me was much stronger and overrode my decision to leave it back at camp, and what a blessed decision that was. The photograph has captured the eye of many photographers wherever it has been posted. I would like to share it with all your readers and keep the inspiration going forward.

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