Book Review: Timeless

Rafael Rojas has released a new book of images of Venice captured using black and white film. The question is, could monochromatic film be better than today’s digital conversion for book printing? David Hay has the review

This new book by Rafael Rojas is a step back into the realm of traditional black and white film photography. Shot on his old Hasselblad cameras, the book comprises a set of 64 beautiful plates showing the timeless quality of the quiet corners of Venice. The images were shot on Kodak T-Max 100 and Fuji Neopan 100 Acros film using 50, 80, 150 and 250 mm lenses. In the book the author describes how the lack of batteries and LCD screens led to distraction-free intimacy with his subject, allowing him to form an emotional connection to the floating city.

So, what is it about Venice that gives it a timeless quality? When I revisited it last year, after a 10-year absence, the place was heaving. Most of the gondolas were filled with Asian tourists holding up their selfie sticks to record every moment of their visit. And yet, if you strayed from the touristy areas, the old, quieter corners of Venice could still be found...

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