Abstraction Part V

In the latest in his series on abstraction, Alain Briot gives some amazing examples of the technique being used in practice

This essay features a variety of examples of color abstract photographs. These examples are presented by using categories of images and their categories are organized by subject. For each subject the type of abstraction is listed.

This is the first of two essays featuring examples. The second essay, which will be the sixth in this series, will feature examples of black and white abstract photographs. I decided to separate color and black and white because they each call for a different approach. I simply do not compose the same way in color and in black and white. I also do not process the images in the same manner.

About the series
Most of my work is done on the basis of creating a series of images rather than single ones. A series for me, as for most artists, is a modus operandi, a way of working, an approach to art.

A series can also be called projects. A project is a series of images on a specific subject or idea. I talk about subjects in great detail in my series of essays on projects, which is available in past issues of the magazine.

I worked on a variety of series when I created the images featured in this essay. These were given names that you will come across further down in this article: Roses, Reflections, Rocks and so on. These are simple names and their purpose is to help me organize the work. Classification is important for me. I dislike chaos when it comes to my work and keeping photographs organized by folders named for each series is fundamentally important to me. I lose my patience quickly when I don’t find something, whether a photograph or anything else. For that reason, years ago I decided to...

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Alain Briot creates fine art photographs, teaches workshops and offers DVD tutorials. Alain’s three books are available as printed books on Amazon.com and as eBooks on his website.

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