Abstraction Part 3: Art and Documentation

Abstraction Part 3: Art and Documentation
In the next part of his series on abstract photographs, Alain Briot compares the various motivations for taking a photograph, and explains why abstract photographs are an art form in their own right

In this essay, part three of a four-part series about creating abstract photographs, I wish to take a look at the different goals we can have for creating photographs. The purpose of this endeavour is to bring clarity to our motivation as photographers and to outline the differences between abstract and documentary images.

What is our goal when creating photographs?
I see four potential goals. The reason we create photographs can be to:

• Document the subject
• Capture an expressive or emotional moment
• Create artistic photographs
• Create abstract photographs

Let’s see what these four categories consist of.

Document the subject
Documenting the subject means taking photographs that show the subject as it is, the way it looks to anyone that sees it. No attempt is made to use a dramatic quality of light or composition. There is nothing remarkable about the image except the subject, although this is not always the case.

It is safe to say that the vast majority of photographers start their career by...

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