A Third of the Way

The rule of thirds is a very well-known technique for adding dynamism to your images. Andy Brown explains why it works and how to use it
Starting out as a novice landscape photographer, the temptation is to simply find a scene worthy of being photographed whereby the main element takes centre stage smack-bang in the middle of the frame. A little education, experimentation and realisation that every composition looks, well, the same, when composed in this manner lends to the discovery of thirds. A fresh dynamic works its way into images accordingly – it’s one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments most of us go through early on.

But, why do they work? How best can you employ them to benefit your images?

The rule of thirds was actually depicted in paintings of the Renaissance period, where an understanding arose that...

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Andy Brown

An ardent devotee to most genres of landscape photography, Andy’s primary fervour and passion is for mono and split-toned, ultra long exposure imagery.

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