A Photograph into the Photograph

A Photograph into the Photograph
Do you take lots of photographs, hoping one of them will turn out well? Rafael Rojas encourages you to take a step back and to spend time thinking about composition in order to create even better photographs

One of the suggestions I make most often to photography students when working in the field is to try to ‘make photographs into their photographs’. What I mean by this is trying to work the original composition in a convergence process of simplification, concretisation and distillation of the essence of the message.

When I observe budding photographers working in the field, very frequently I see how they hop from one photographic opportunity to another, rapidly making one or two quick exposures in a process which could be described as ‘photographic frenzy’. This is something that the arrival of digital technology has made even more apparent. The lack of cost per image (as opposed to using film), has set free the false idea that by firing away and multiplying the number of different images made, we can expect to increase the probability of ‘bagging’ a good one. This approach is…

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