A Magnificent Week in Portland Heaven

Have you heard about beautiful Portland? Chris Tennant gives us an itinerary for an amazing week of photography, with settings as varied as volcanos, waterfalls and beaches

What if I told you that there exists a magical place where landscape photographers can photograph a sunrise with a 10,000+ foot volcano as the centerpiece, shoot fields of wildflowers in the morning, explore countless waterfalls in the afternoon and still have time to capture a sunset at a rugged ocean beach? And what if I told you that it was all accessible within 100 miles of a major US city? Welcome to Portland, Oregon! Within 100 miles of this vibrant, eclectic city lie rugged coastlines, soaring mountains, lush forests, vibrant wildflowers and enough waterfalls to satisfy you for a lifetime.

The greater Portland area is a must-visit destination for any landscape photographer. You simply won’t get a bigger bang for your buck anywhere else. The diversity of subjects and physical environments – from walking the sandy beach and feeling the salty ocean breeze, to silently hiking through old growth forests or battling wind on plains of wildflowers, to hearing the distant roar of mighty waterfalls secluded in deep gorges – will require the utilization of a variety of photography techniques. Whether it’s shooting ultra-wide and fast for wildflowers, long exposures to create silky waterfall images or super longer exposures of coastline scenes, your photography technique muscles will be exercised!

This article provides an outline for an aggressive weeklong photography trip. Depending on your specific goals, you can...

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