A Fjord’s Tale

Horia Bogdan visits Ullsfjorden Fjord and examines the passing of time through some remarkable hidden rock formations
By definition, every fjord is an exemplification of time – water, in all its forms, carving its way through a mountain valley and finally reaching the sea. With time, these valleys become larger and larger and allow the seawater to come in, splitting further the two mountainsides that the initial stream used to divide.

Developments like these happen over vast periods of time, and erosion of rock is visible everywhere; perhaps in some places more powerfully than others. Such is the case of a little fjord in northern Norway, namely Ullsfjorden. This 75 kilometre (47 miles) fjord flows from Sjøvassbotn northwards along the west side of the Lyngen Peninsula (where the famous Lyngen Alps are located) and divides the counties of Troms and Lyngen.

The fjord

Ullsfjorden is a beautiful fjord, but not a particularly special one among Norway’s thousands of fjords. It does however, have a little secret; one that I was lucky enough to find one afternoon some five years ago...

Horia BogdanHoria Bogdan is a biologist and a photographer from Romania. He was born in Oradea and currently works at the Oradea Zoo. He equally enjoys taking photos of natural landscapes and his goal is to visit as many places and see as many animals and natural beauties as he can.

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