Working With An Editor

Working with an editor can be of benefit to your work if you find the right person, but can have a real detrimental impact if your values do not align. Chris Burkard discusses how to make your relationship with an editor a success

Throughout the years I’ve had the incredible opportunity to collaborate on some really amazing editorial work. Many people know of me through my social media channels and see my images as I post them to outlets like Instagram. Posting on social media is still such a new distribution platform and some may forget that a photographer used to exclusively share his/her work as a hard copy print. I first began in photography by working as an intern at Surfline under Pete Taras, which gave me some really incredible insight into how the industry operates. It wasn’t long after that I received the ‘Flame’ award from the ‘Follow The Light Foundation’, which helped to fund my first big adventure/surf trip. That trip became my first book, ‘The California Surf Project.’

Since then I have continued traveling the world in search of remote waves. In order to maintain the raw spirit of the journey, I never approach these trips with the sole goal of scoring an editorial piece in a magazine like ‘Surfer’. Through the years I have discovered that pictures that are chosen for covers have rarely, if ever, been taken while I’m on assignment exclusively with the intention of capturing a cover shot. Occasionally an editorial piece will be commissioned and …

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