The Pros & Cons of Aerial Photography IV

This month Erez Marom discusses the logistics of aerial photography in terms of technique and parameters

In the previous articles in this series I talked about the equipment one might use for aerial photography, but what about technique and especially parameters though? Is there anything special with regard to those when shooting from the air?

The important thing to remember is that you are shooting from a moving, vibrating aircraft, instead of stable ground. This simply means that in order to keep your images sharp, you will need to shoot at a fast shutter speed. Remember that the compensation mechanisms in stabilized lenses are meant to deal with human movement, not high-frequency vibration and will thus offer little or no help. Same goes for your own hands’ stability: even if you are rock solid, the aircraft is not – you should always bear that in mind or suffer the consequences (as I unfortunately have in the past).

Depending on the angle of view, I would recommend shooting at least …

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