The Necessity of Discomfort

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The venture of landscape photography has many facets: it is an art form, a technical craft, but it is also in some ways a sport. As landscape photographers we are hunting for the perfect light and composition, sometimes even putting our lives at risk and resorting to more extreme measures to get ahead of the game. Some of these are frequently frowned upon, like over-accentuation in post-processing, while others are deemed reserved for the financially well situated, such as drone photography or the opportunity to visit exotic places like Antarctica, Greenland or Svalbard, to name just a few that have been rising to popularity recently.

It appears as if within the myriad of images floating around the seemingly endless realm that has become the social media frame of many photographers – and also occasionally our inspiration – there is a difficulty in keeping up with those who have access to these means.

There is, however, one practical solution I have found over the years that was able to produce good results and, for me, it is the very basis for passionate landscape photography. It may sound like a mantra from a motivational post, but it has proven true time and again: ‘It is worth getting outside one’s comfort zone’. We all enjoy a little comfort, whether it’s a hot shower, a cushiony pillow or a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. Yet, I wish to argue that giving up these minor things...

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Nicolas Alexander Otto

Nicolas Alexander Otto is a young landscape photographer based in Germany. Starting out back in 2008, what once was a sporadic past time has slowly become a semi-professional part time job.

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