The Magic of Thrace

Are we too busy travelling to exotic locations to truly appreciate our own homes? Giannis Gogos shares the extraordinary photo-graphic opportunities from his hometown of Thrace, a historic region of Greece steeped in history and myths

We all get impressed whenever we come across photos from faraway destinations. This may have something to do with the magic element of the unknown or perhaps with our need to travel, see and get to know new places, new cultures; to experience things that can make us wiser and more complete. However, how well do we all know our hometown? The place we were born? We are used to getting to know exotic destinations and faraway places, quite often better than our homes!

I used to be one of those people, but my connection with photography gave me the opportunity to explore and rediscover my hometown. Thrace is a historic region in Greece, located on its Northeastern border, and constitutes one of the geographical regions of the country. It is defined by …

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