Storytelling in Landscape Photography

Storytelling in Landscape Photography

A photograph is not always just a moment captured, sometimes it can express much more. In this article Erez Marom describes how he captured an image that tells a tragic story

An image tells a thousand words. At least it’s supposed to. At least when there is a story to be told. At least in an ‘artistic’ and not in a landscape picture. Is that really the situation? Do landscape images need forever be the black sheep, the not-really-artistic cousins of the artistic, storytelling pictures? I think not.

There are many aspects in nature, particularly in landscapes, which can tell a story. Some are subtle, like fresh snow on a tree, telling the story of the coming winter, or worn-out pebbles, alluding to the unstoppable progression of time. Others are overwhelmingly clear, like the calving of a glacier, telling the grim story of global warming. And some images tell small, private, yet strong stories.

The featured image this month was captured back in February 2013. I was visiting the Snæfellsnes peninsula in western Iceland scouting locations, and the hotel owner told me about a terrible phenomenon...

Read the whole article inside issue 66.

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Erez Marom

Erez is a full-time nature photographer and traveler based in Israel. Erez authors professional articles on nature photography, and offers unique photography workshops in fascinating locations worldwide.

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