Social Media Photographers By Chris Burkard

Social Media Photographers By Chris Burkard

Social media can be an excellent way to reach a wider audience. Chris Burkard describes his journey from sharing images on Instagram with friends to it being an integral part of his professional brand

Before social media, the only way to have your photos seen by a large audience was to be published or have your work featured in a gallery. Thanks to apps like Instagram, the ability to share your work has never been easier. With the press of a button your images can be available for all to see, opening the door for endless possibilities. Personally, I began using Instagram about five years ago. It has now become an integral part of how I approach photography, and as an added bonus it acts as an always up-to-date portfolio.

Originally it was a few of my friends who convinced me to create an Instagram account. That was the only reason I really started using it, and from there I quickly discovered that it was a cool way to interact with others whether they were friends, family or fans. I started by posting funny moments along the road and soon realized how useful Instagram could be as a personal branding tool. I began posting my favorite images to showcase my love for surf and the outdoors. Not long after I noticed that there seemed to be a good formula that allowed me to best engage my audience. Consistently posting awe-inspiring content coupled with a great underlying story is key. I want people that follow my work to always look forward to my next post. Throughout the years some of my biggest and best jobs have come through...

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