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Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 for Sony E-Mount Cameras

Press release 26 Feb 2016

A new device that expands the possibilities of lenses, making them more valuable than ever. The new Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 allows you to use your Sigma SA mount and Sigma EOS mount interchangeable lenses with the Sony E-mount camera body.

Until now, the market has seen the introduction of many methods for using lenses from one camera system with a body from a different system. In the digital age, however, camera systems have become much more complex, and it is challenging to create a mount converter that aligns both the mechanics and software of the lens and body. Creating a converter that matches lenses for current DSLRs to bodies for mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera systems is even more challenging. Now the market demands a converter that goes beyond simply aligning the flange back distance to retaining full functionality.

The Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 for Sony E-Mount Cameras incorporates the digital data necessary to provide fast and smooth AF for compatible lenses as well as OS features and functions of the camera that help control peripheral brightness and correct transverse chromatic aberration, distortion, and more. In addition, since Sony E-mount camera bodies do not require mechanical integration with lenses for aperture control, the MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 makes SIGMA SA mount interchangeable lenses and SIGMA interchangeable lenses for Canon cameras fully compatible with the automatic exposure control of Sony E-mount camera bodies.

The Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 for Sony E-Mount Cameras is ideal for professional photographers who use different camera systems depending on the subject, as well as amateur photographers who enjoy using a variety of camera systems. Increasing the compatibility of lenses with different camera systems makes these assets more valuable than ever. In addition, users of Sony E-mount camera bodies will enjoy an immediate increase in the number of lenses available to them.

1. More flexible use of valuable lens assets
With the Sigma Mount Converter MC-11, users of Sigma SA mount interchangeable lenses and Sigma EOS mount interchangeable lenses for Canon camera bodies* can use them as is with Sony E-mount camera systems. Users of multiple mounts will enjoy more flexible use of their valuable lens assets.
*Please see lens compatibility chart below

2. 19 interchangeable Sigma lenses available for Sony E-mount camera bodies
The Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 gives Sony E-mount camera body users access to a total of 19 Sigma interchangeable lenses**. Thanks to compatibility with auto-image area setting functionality, Sigma DC lenses for APS-C sensors can be used with camera bodies with full-size sensors without the need for any special operation. Compatible Sigma DC lenses can therefore be freely used with Sony E-mount camera bodies.
**Including three current lenses and one soon to be released for which the mount converter is not necessary.


3. Fast and smooth autofocus performance
When used with a camera body that is compatible with Fast Hybrid AF, AF-S mode delivers extremely fast and smooth autofocus performance. With other camera bodies, contrast detection AF offers very high-precision autofocusing.*
*Please see lens compatibility chart below.

4. Easy-to-use interface
The LED display on the Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 makes it easy to know whether an attached lens is compatible or not and whether the mount converter control data needs to be updated for operation with that lens

5. Includes necessary data
Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 incorporates the data necessary for each compatible lens and uses a dedicated control program to optimize AF drive, aperture control, and other functions. This data is compatible with functions of the camera that help control peripheral brightness and correct transverse chromatic aberration, distortion, and more. As new compatible lenses are released, control data for Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 can be updated via a personal computer.

Note: Lens data updates require the installation of the latest version of Sigma Optimization Pro on your personal computer and the Sigma USB DOCK accessory (sold separately).

6. Compatible with optical stabilization features of both lens and camera body
The compatibility of Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 with the OS features of both the lens and the camera body makes possible superior correction of camera shake and other stability issues. When used with a camera body that features an OS function, Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 allows angle shake correction in the lens for superior corrective performance.

Other features

• Compatibility with Exif data
Lens type, focal length, F number, and other tags are embedded as Exif data in the image file.

• Flocking inside barrel helps prevent internal reflections
Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 features flocking in its interior to help prevent internal reflections and a reduction in lens performance.

Release date: TBD
Anticipated Street Price: £179.99
Corresponding AF mounts: Canon EF-E, SIGMA SA-E



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