In Search of Winter Landscapes

Winter conditions can be challenging for landscape photography but, as Mark Hamblin explains, if you are willing to get to grips with snow and ice, the results can be extraordinary

In our mind’s eye, the winter landscape is a magical scene of pristine snow and azure skies, where everything sparkles and shines. This wonderland version of winter is somewhat of a dream image and yet, when the weather gods are in a favourable mood, such fantasies come true and we can enjoy some spectacular photography. A dusting of the white stuff transforms ordinary landscapes into something extraordinary, causing us to rush around like headless chickens – well, in my case anyway! The often-transient nature of snow creates a sense of urgency to don the thermals and dash out into the countryside and start snapping.

Waking up to fresh snow is like waking up on Christmas morning as a child, where the world is a very special place, full of new and exciting things, each one vying for attention. But a covering of snow isn’t the sole ingredient for great pictures and the same …

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About Author

Mark Hamblin

Mark Hamblin is a freelance nature photographer with a primary focus on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places. His recent work has been on collaborative projects that include Tooth & Claw and Wild Wonders of Europe. He is also working on the 2020VISION project.

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