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At the beginning of the year we sat down with Really Right Stuff and hand selected 8 pro photographers who are doing incredible things in the community of landscape and fine art photography. At the end of each interview we asked them all the same question: What is one piece of advice they would like to give to you, the reader
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Elia: When we first moved to Florida, all I wanted to do was be on the beach and learn to surf. I had no idea what I was doing and I’d paddle out into the ocean and meet my neighbors who were professional surfers. From day one they were so encouraging to me. I’d say to them, ‘man I wish I could learn this’ and basically they said to me ‘don’t worry about it and just have fun. The best surfer is the one who is having the most fun’.

That’s the same way I think about photography. It’s the reason I’m doing this. Because it’s my passion. Follow what makes you happy. Do what you want to do. Don’t do it for other people or change your work because somebody says they like it better another way. Work with your own style and have as much fun as you possibly can.

As long as you’re following your passion you can never go wrong because if that turns into your business, then that’s going to be worth all the work you put into it. You must stay true to what you want to achieve and I think that’s the most important lesson.

Naomi: For landscape photographers… you have to be ok with stepping outside your comfort zone, in fact, you have to plan to be uncomfortable. Accept that fact and it will all be worth it.

Elia & Naomi Locardi
Speak in your own true voice. Not the one that pleases others, or the one that everyone else is using – because sadly, peer pressure from high school is still in play. Figure out what you love most and what sets your soul on fire. Discover what it really wants to say and what your intent really is with your work. That will shape everything from the gear you carry, to the photos you take, the time of day, the composition, the processing – and even whether you process your images at all. It will carry you into your business, if you choose to photograph professionally, or into making your hobby the most fulfilling journey ever. This life is your story; your photographs are the illustrations from that book. When you speak in your real voice, your truest audience can finally hear – and find you.
Karen Hutton
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There is no shortcut to success.

If you really want to be good in photography, then you should go out and practice a lot; start learning how to shoot properly in good light and don’t forget that the most important things in landscape photography are light and composition.

Iurie Belegurschi
Devour as much photography as you can stand. Read about it, view it online, in magazines, museums and galleries. Then believe in the fact that you are unique and will create unique work. It’s too easy to be discouraged by all the incredible work being done and lose sight of your own vision. If you are willing to put time and energy in it, your work will show it.
Marc Muench
Some people want to get beyond hanging their images on their own wall or sharing them on social media. Perhaps they want to make an income from their photography. I usually ask this question: what images would you put on a gallery wall that represents your name? Would it be the images you currently own? Is there something in your work that represents one theme or one body of work? You might not know it, but this is what galleries want. Find something that you can do a series on.

What a joy it is to be published in a magazine, to be hung in a gallery and have someone buy your images.

Joel Grimes
Go for a walk and not only just to stay healthy.

I get so many ideas when I’m out walking because I am not thinking about emails, texting or anything that can distract me. When I walk I can actually think.

Rick Sammon
Print your photographs. Prints are the legacy for our photography.
Joshua Holko

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