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Photoshop Scepticism

Photoshop Scepticism • Article by Adam Burton

There is a secret in the world of photography: Photoshop is an essential part of processing pictures. Adam Burton breaks the taboo and discusses it openly

It’s a strange world we live in. Say to any non-photographer that you use Photoshop to post process your landscape pictures and the credibility of your photography will almost certainly diminish in their eyes. Almost everybody understands the word, or rather they think they do, to the extent that the software seems to have become the verb to describe the process of photographic manipulation. ‘That’s clearly been photoshopped’ is a frequently used disparaging comment to describe an eye-catching photograph on the internet. When you try and explain that processing is a necessary part of photography, eyes will glaze over. Their suspicions are realised: you have enhanced these colours to make something better than nature offered. The more you explain yourself, the less...

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About Author

Adam Burton

Adam Burton is one of the UKs leading landscape photographers and author of five books. Since 2008 he has been working as a full time professional landscape photographer, regularly supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for a wide range of clients.

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