Photographing Willow Trees

The humble willow tree might appear unremarkable at first glance but, as Lizzie Shepherd reveals, it is a tree for all seasons and plays a pivotal role in the natural world

Willow is incredibly versatile, both in terms of its uses and its ability to thrive and hybridise. This last characteristic does, however, make it incredibly hard to accurately identify the many types of willow tree, and there really do seem to be countless varieties.

So, why willow? Why choose to photograph and write about this rather muddled and ‘frivolous’ species, that typically lacks grandeur and can often be found growing in somewhat scruffy environments? Perhaps somewhat perversely, it is the rather scruffy (or unkempt) appearance of many of our willows that I find so alluring. There is a definite beauty in their unruly form, that tangle of branches and leaves, often growing in a watery habitat. Of course, that same habitat (water) also holds its own appeal and acts as …

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Lizzie Shepherd

Lizzie is a full-time professional photographer based in North Yorkshire and specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography. She runs small group workshop and offers 1-2-1 tuition.

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