Photographing Plitvice Lakes

Photographing Plitvice Lakes

By Sue Bishop & Beata Moore

Sue Bishop and Beata Moore find an abundance of fauna and flora to photograph amongst the stunning lakes and waterfalls of Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park

In the heart of Croatia there are stunningly colourful lakes connected by multiple waterfalls and surrounded by forest. Plitvice Lakes National Park is truly a photographer’s dream, so the two of us decided to visit this extraordinary place. Sharing car rental and accommodation costs helps minimize the trip expenses and gives companionship and security. Croatia is a safe place, however, reading about bears roaming in the forest surrounding the lakes makes one a bit jumpy after sunset when the silence is only broken by the sound of water and, occasionally, by cracking branches under the feet of wildlife. Whilst the only bear we saw was a stuffed one in the lobby of our hotel – a sad view indeed – even dead, the animal’s massive body and muscular arms demanded respect.

After a short flight to Zagreb and under two hours’ drive, we reached our hotel positioned in the middle of the stunning beech forest. We impatiently waited for the morning to start our photographic adventure. We had read a lot about the place, looked at maps for hours and planned some exciting routes, only to be confronted with a totally different reality...

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