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I have just returned from leading my latest workshop group to the wonderful Yosemite National Park in California. I’ve been leading groups to this fantastic destination over the past four years now, in both autumn and more recently spring. With each trip I return home with a better understanding of the national park, and always find new viewpoints to photograph.

No trip would be complete without guiding my clients to a mouth-watering list of Yosemite’s most famous viewpoints. Despite them being photographed millions of times before, landscape icons such as Tunnel View, Valley View and Olmsted Point make simply irresistible subjects. And really there is nothing wrong with that; regardless of their popularity such locations are beautiful and incredibly appealing to photograph.

On my recent trip, while set up with my group at the amazing Glacier Point viewpoint I had an interesting exchange with a photographer. For anybody not familiar with Yosemite, I must emphasise that Glacier Point is one of THE must-do locations for any trip to the national park. Together with Tunnel View, the vista down into the valley far below from Glacier View is simply spectacular and is photographed thousands of times each day. A winding road climbs all the way up to Glacier Point, where a large car park and a walled viewing area make this famous vista an easy one to achieve. Glacier Point attracts hordes of both photographers and general tourists every evening, most waiting to photograph or simply witness the last rays of sunlight glowing on the vertical side of the iconic Half Dome. When in Yosemite, this clearly is THE place to be for sunset so to get a good position...

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Adam Burton

Adam Burton is one of the UKs leading landscape photographers and author of five books. Since 2008 he has been working as a full time professional landscape photographer, regularly supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for a wide range of clients.

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