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Photo Specifics And Preferences

Photo Specifics And Preferences • Article by Karen Hutton

Photography can be an inherently personal pursuit. Karen Hutton discusses some of the decisions every photographer has to make in order to find his or her own voice

It’s the age of the camera. The era of the photograph. The epic saga of sharing your world with the world! It’s almost to the point where there are so many images flying by our poor, strained eyeballs they don’t even know what they are looking at anymore. I take that back. We are not almost there. We are there! I’m having anxiety just thinking about it!

To the discerning photographer/artist, the question naturally arises: “How do I find my own voice in the midst of all this chaos?”

The answer isn’t found in buying different gear, or in taking yet another photography course designed to tell you how to compose and process a photo. I’m not negating those but there is a time and a place for them. At a certain point in your photography, you have to step outside of what others are racketing on about and...

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Karen Hutton is a Photographer, Speaker, Author, Visionary, Voice. She is a Professional Fujifilm-X Photographer and has been featured in Talks at Google and Photo Plus Expo.

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