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Book Review: Lessons in Landscape

Lessons in Landscape by Peter Watson

Looking for a book to help you improve your landscape photography? Peter Watson offers 80 lessons based around individual images. David Hay takes a look and tells us if we should buy this book

Peter Watson is a well-known landscape photographer with a number of books to his name. His latest offering presents his landscape photography in a new way, as a series of 80 lessons, with each topic limited to a double-page spread illustrated by a single image.

Nowadays book readers seem to be developing a limited attention span. I think this is the result of reading things online and on tablets. Information has to be presented in small parts. You shouldn’t have to read a whole chapter about anything – just get the basics and a few top tips before flicking on to the next item. Perhaps the layout of this new book is designed to appeal to this new audience. The 80 lessons comprise just two or three paragraphs of text about the chosen topic.

In each lesson, the main image is shown on the right with a smaller version opposite, showing the filters used. If a graduated ND filter has been used, it is shown alongside the image and the position and angle of the graduation is shown by a dotted line. This approach has been used for many years by Lee Filters in their adverts and in their Inspiring Professionals books. I find it a very effective way of showing readers which filters to use and how to position them.

It has been said that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That is certainly true of this volume. The cover picture is a very minimalist image that is quite unlike any of the other pictures inside. Perhaps the publisher felt...

Read the whole article inside issue 66.

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