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LEE Super Stopper ND Filter

LEE Filters announces new addition to the Stopper family

LEE Filters has expanded its hugely successful range of long-exposure filters with the introduction of the Super Stopper.

With a full 15 stops of light-reducing power, the Super Stopper sits alongside the Big Stopper (10 stops) and the Little Stopper (6 stops).

When fitting the Super Stopper, a suggested shutter speed of 1/1000sec becomes a 30-second exposure, while 1/125sec becomes as long as four minutes. As a result, the creative effects of long-exposure photography can now be achieved in brightly sunlit conditions during the middle of the day – a time that most photographers would consider unsuitable for making images, due to the potentially harsh quality of the light.

Adventurous photographers who really want to explore the effects of long exposures can take a 1/2sec suggested shutter speed and, with the addition of the Super Stopper, create an image with an exposure of more than four hours!

The Super Stopper is manufactured to the same exacting standards as the other filters in the Stopper range, using optical glass that won’t compromise the quality of the final image.
RRP for 100mm System Super Stopper - £86.52 (excl VAT)

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