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Landscape Intimates

Landscape Intimates • Article by Ian Plant

Landscape photography is often seen as stretching vistas and wide-angle scenes, but Ian Plant suggests you should also take some time to find the smaller features in the scene and create some landscape intimates

I admit it, I am a wide-angle junkie, and I just love creating sweeping grand landscape scenes, so sometimes I need to force myself to take time to notice the intimate details of the landscape, at least once in a while. I’m going to offer you the same advice I give myself: don’t always reflexively reach for your wide-angle lens when shooting landscapes. Instead, determine if discrete portions of the scene can be isolated to create a pleasing image. Landscape intimates, although often subtle when compared to wide landscapes, can have a beauty and power all of their own.

Although any lens can be used to create an intimate composition...

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Ian Plant is a full time professional nature photographer, writer, and adventurer. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, books and calendars, and he is a frequent contributor to Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazines, among others.

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