The Joys of Landscape Photography

Some people think they need to suffer for their art in order to make it worthy. Rafael Rojas offers an opposing view, that photographs should be created with love and enjoyment

I cannot help but chuckle every time I read about the struggles the making of certain photographs has caused for their authors, as if those extravagant stories of hardship should make any difference to how worthy or meaningful the photograph is for the viewer. Furthermore, I cannot avoid thinking whether that struggle makes any sense at all in the first place, if the photographer was supposed to be doing something he or she loved.

When I am exposed to a landscape photograph, there is absolutely no difference to me if the image was made after waking up at an impossible hour, trudging up the mountain in blizzard conditions, waiting for hours in freezing temperatures and braving the elements while squeezing the very last bits out of the camera battery, or if it was made ten steps from the car. Of course, the experience for the photographer in these cases may be …

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Rafael Rojas

Rafael Rojas is a fine art photographer, author and lecturer, whose work has been awarded in the most prestigious international photography competitions. His Fine Art prints, sold internationally, form part of numerous private and public collections.

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