Interview With Stan Moniz

Stan’s passion for music brought him to Southern California in 2000 and after a very successful career in a professional touring band, he ultimately set his sights on his other great passion, photography

What inspired you to pick up a camera for the first time?

The first thing that inspired me to pick up a camera was primary to capture the world that happens within the blink of an eye in a beautiful curling wave. Growing up in Hawaii as a body boarder and surfer my home was in the ocean. At the age of 16 – and because I couldn't afford a DSLR and water housing at the time – I would spend all my allowance on those Fuji waterproof cameras. I would swim out into the waves, get a few shots until I ran out of film and then turned it into the processing center eagerly, awaiting for the next day to see what I captured on film.

What important lessons have you learned as a wave and landscape photographer?

Starting off in the world of surf photography, composition is almost everything. Swimming around in small and larger surf and positioning yourself to get that perfect shot as a flock of seagulls fly overhead isn't easy.

Landscape photography is the same way, although it doesn't take so much physical strain on your body as capturing images in the surf. I go into a landscape shoot with an image in mind.

What is your attraction to the water?

It was a past time growing up in Hawaii, hanging out with family and friends, enjoying each others company at the beach and along the waters edge. Let's just say that ...

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