Interview With Sean Scott

Sean Scott is one of Australia’s premier ocean, surf and landscape photographers. Based on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, Scott is a gallery owner and water enthusiast. Here he reveals to Tiffany Reed Briley about photographing under the water, starting a gallery business and staying passionate about creating art

Sean, how did you get started in photography?

I have always been into photography, but I got right into it about 15-20 years ago. I was taking a trip to Tasmania with my fiancée at the time. and I had a small point and shoot camera. I was taking many photos on the way south and on the boat crossing to Tasmania. Once we got there, I purchased a second hand film SLDR camera. During that trip I taught myself how to photograph with film.

When did it become a career for you?

Being based in the Gold Coast of Australia, always being a surfer, always being in the water and seeing all these beautiful views, I was thinking about how I could show my mom or my friends what I can see in the water. That’s when I first started to think about ocean photography, and started to think about water housing. My first water housing was from AquaTech for my Canon 3 camera. When you are looking from within the sea during sunset and the waves are going all golden, you just can’t see these views from the land. I started capturing this sort of scenes and people were responding in a very good way.

At that time I was working on a day job as an electrician, climbing power poles. In my spare time I was learning the craft of photography. I then started displaying and selling images at local markets at the beach front. I used to hand make the frames on my deck at home. People started buying and I reinvested that money into better gear and equipment. It was probably a couple of years later that ...

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