Interview With Paul Gallagher

Best known for his black and white work, the UK-based landscape photographer, Paul Gallagher, reveals his thoughts on his transition from monochrome to colour and why he is now shooting more infrared and colour images

So, how were the Rockies? Had you been to Canada before?

No, I have never been, although I have been to many places in America. Canada is so remarkably different to America, and this I knew in terms of its greenery and of the mountain ranges. They are very beautiful and there are many of them. That was the appeal really. I thought it would be different but what I didn’t realise was how different it actually was. It’s an absolutely beautiful place. It’s such a change from going to the States.

Where exactly did you go?

It was Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks. We wanted to go to Jasper but really it was about finding the gems in the more localised areas than drive miles. In Canada you can drive thousands of miles and not even know about it. I’d rather get to really know a location intimately than try to cover too much at once. I had ten days to get familiar with the landscape and then really start exploring the way I’d like to photograph it myself.

So this trip was a recce for a workshop this time next year, is that the plan?

That’s it, yeah. I don’t like taking people to locations I’m wholly unfamiliar with; to go out there and take some time to get used to a place myself before I take people out there is very important. To keep my photography fresh, to keep the job that I do fresh, it’s nice to go to new areas. So, it turned out to be a place that I really fell in love with and consequently we are going to take a group out next year.

Of course, the Rockies are a very different landscape to Scotland and the north of England where you have done most of your work. Do you think shooting there will demand a different approach?

The first thing you notice with Canada is the scale of the place. In Scotland, you might be stood in the company of 3000ft mountains; it’s not uncommon in Canada to be stood on the edge of a lake and ...

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