Interview With Max Seigal

Inspired by his love for the outdoors and all things wild, Max has set out to capture the beauty of the natural world. With degrees in biology and environmental science, he has spent the last few years travelling across the globe working on numerous conservation projects

Hey Max! It’s so great to meet you and have the chance to not only pick your brain with questions but to see your gorgeous work also. Tell us a little about yourself; where are you from and how did you get started?

My background is in biology and field research. I graduated with degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, but I always had a passion for photography. After graduating I would scour the internet searching for the most remote and exotic field work positions around the world (partly to pursue my interest in photography). I spent the first few years after school doing conservation research around southern Africa, Asia, and Alaska. During that time I spent every free minute exploring with my camera by my side. This led me to build a strong enough portfolio to get me where I am today!

We have noticed that some photographers lean towards a primary focus on astrophotography or just golden hour shooting. Your photo gallery and interests seem to be fairly evenly weighted between both. Do you have a preference that is closer to your heart?

I am very passionate about night photography because it requires a certain level of technical skill, but there is also a strong creative component involved. I see it as an outlet to create a photograph that is entirely unique. It’s always a challenge as it can often be difficult to photograph a landmark that sees thousands of tourists each year in a new and unique way when you are shooting during daylight hours. There are so many variables involved in night photography (stars, moon, external lighting, exposure, angles, etc.) that you really have to ‘create the picture’, whereas with many daylight photos it is more about searching for the angle and waiting for the light.

What do you love about having your images printed?

It’s one thing to see your images on a computer screen, but an entirely different experience to see them printed. There is definitely ...

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