Interview With Marc Muench

Marc Muench is an internationally renowned landscape photographer with eleven book titles to his name. Marc is a third generation landscape photographer following in the family tradition started by his grandfather Josef Muench and then his father David Muench. Marc currently runs photography classes and workshops around the world with his company Muench Workshops
Interview by Tiffany Reed Briley

Hey Marc! It’s such a pleasure to speak with you. These Really Right Stuff sponsored interviews are called Raw & Unedited, so anything goes. You come from an incredible heritage and have arguably one of the most notorious names in the landscape photography industry – your father, David, being a very successful photographer.  Did you always know that you wanted to be a photographer?

Thank you for having me on. No, at first I was intrigued with medicine and considered becoming a physician, but once I realised that it involved too many hours indoors, I quickly changed my mind. During high school I learned to ski with some friends and never looked back – my love for the outdoors had really begun. Once I could ski, I began carrying a camera everywhere I went. In spite of all the great places my family took me, it was really snow skiing that persuaded me to make photography a career. 

What was it like growing up with your father, and how has that shaped who you are photographically?

I have great memories of many of the popular photography locations, when there was nobody around. The problem is that I was not photographing at the age of ten, so I could not appreciate those locations in the same way most do today with a camera. But having experienced so many locations with no one around is quite special.

My father never forced photography on me, but rather included me on his work trips. My mother and father would take my sister, Zandria Muench Beraldo, with them for two months just about every summer, travelling through the west. We would visit all types of locations, from National Parks to wild and scenic river ways. The work my father was creating went into his books and was later made available for stock image licensing. I was able to ...

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