Interview With Joshua Holko

Joshua's photography has been exhibited at Montsalvat Art Gallery and purchased by City Councils and private collectors around the world. His photography has won both gold and silver awards at the prestigious Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA), as well as winning other internationally acclaimed awards such as the World Extreme Environment People's Choice Award.
Interview by Tiffany Reed Briley

Hi Joshua! First let me say that I very much enjoyed researching for this interview. I am truly excited to hear your responses to the questions below. Thanks for agreeing to this. I understand you left a corporate job to pursue photography full-time. What caused the transition and what was your motivation to pursue it?

That’s a good question and the answer is quite complicated. I left the corporate world more than six years ago to pursue nature photography as a full-time profession, without any other source of income. It was a major step into the unknown and, honestly, a very daunting one. At the time I had a well paying corporate paycheck, more than eight years with the same company, a mortgage and two kids about to enter school. The bills were mounting up on the horizon and it was a significant – albeit calculated – financial risk.

Although I studied fine art photography and photojournalism formally in my early years, it was not until many years later that I could honestly call myself a full-time professional nature photographer. The interest in photography was always there and I was pursuing it as often as I could. Even from a very young age I would carry around my father’s tripod on weekends. That’s where my passion really first started.

The transition to full-time pro was to take many years though. Part of that transition was also finding my niche and understanding what it was that I most wanted to photograph. When I fell in love with the polar regions I knew I had found my niche.

The motivation to jump from the corporate world to nature photography as a full-time profession was born out of my love for being outdoors in the polar regions with my cameras and ...

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