Iceland, An Uneasy Calm

Tim Rudman’s first self-published book is the result of eight years spent producing beautiful black and white photos of Iceland. David Hay reviews this celebration of traditional hand printing and toning techniques

Many black and white photographers will know about Tim Rudman from his book ‘The Master Photographer’s Lith Printing Course’, which is regarded as the ‘bible’ on this subject. He has now produced his first self-published book featuring his toned, black and white photographs of Iceland, shot over an eight-year period.

The book is a collection of 98 black and white photographs taken in Iceland, during many visits, at different times of the year. The images are unified by the toning treatment he has applied to all of them, which adds homogeneity to this photographic essay. The author describes in detail the techniques he used in the production of these images. They were all shot on 120 roll film and printed on Warmtone paper using the split-grade technique. They were then split-toned in selenium and then thiourea, which gives them …

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