Higher Perspectives of Mt. Rainier

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Mt. Rainier is a mountain that looks good from any vantage point. It is most commonly seen from its surrounding meadows, which are frequently covered in colorful foliage like spring wildflowers or autumnal ash and huckleberry. Though I enjoy photographing from these vantage points, being a fan of elevation I have found myself gravitating towards the higher perspectives of Rainier. During my travels about the mountain I have been thankful to receive some good weather and light, and I will share a bit of the evidence of that here as I summarize some optimal high points to capture Mt. Rainier.

Departing from the Mowich Lake Recreation, the Tolmie Peak trail leads past Mowich Lake and beyond old growth forest to the meadows surrounding Eunice Lake. From this point the trail starts climbing up towards Tolmie Peak and the views of the lake and mountain begin to open up more. You will pass several small stretches of meadow that will often be covered in flora, with bear grass being dominant. The official destination of this hike is a closed lookout tower 3.75 miles from the trailhead. The foreground opportunities are fairly limited at this location, but proceeding beyond the lookout on the ridge gives a few options. For the featured image here I used some foliage growing close to the ground to lead into the deep blues of Eunice Lake and the abruptly rising Mt. Rainier.

Another perspective that is also great for a sunset option is the Summit Lake Peak beyond Summit Lake on the northwest side of Rainier. The trail meanders through...

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