Gear Choice

Gear Choice

What is the best gear? Why are we so quick to pursue brands instead of the gear we need? Karen Hutton explains why we should slow down, take a little more time choosing, and dig deep into the thought of what images we want our gear to produce

In my last article ‘Photo Specifics and Preferences’, in the June 2016 issue, I talked about how making very specific choices can help you to discover and define your voice in photography. That article focused mostly upon composition and subject matter. In this issue, I will cover how these same specific choices will guide you to your ideal gear.

People often think that I do not like to talk about gear since I typically avoid the topics like a contagious rash. They are partially right, but not for the reasons you might think.

I love gear. Ditto post-processing and technology. There is nothing I love more than...

Read the whole article inside issue 66.

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Karen Hutton is a Photographer, Speaker, Author, Visionary, Voice. She is a Professional Fujifilm-X Photographer and has been featured in Talks at Google and Photo Plus Expo.

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