Finding Playa Gueirua

[vision_content_box style="teal-grey" title="Finding Playa Gueirua • Article By Mike Bell"][vision_feature icon="fa-camera" icon_color="#82c982" icon_color_hover="#ffffff" bg_color_hover="#82c982" border_color="#82c982" border_width="2px" animate="in_from_top"]Playa Gueirua in Asturias, Northern Spain, is a hidden gem for photographers. It’s not easy to find, but, as Mike Bell claims, it is worth making the effort to do so before the crowds start heading there[/vision_feature][/vision_content_box]

There are some photographic locations that you know you must visit as soon as you see images of them. One such place that immediately went to the top of my ‘must see’ list was Playa Gueirua in the region of Asturias in Northern Spain.

The whole of the coast of Asturias is beautiful due to the spectacular high cliffs and deep ravines that plunge down towards the Atlantic Ocean. What makes the area around Gueirua so special is that the rock strata are close to vertical, resulting in unique linear pavements and tall slender sea stacks.

Photographs by a number of Spanish landscape photographers and fellow Scot Alister Benn fired my enthusiasm to find this special place and make my own interpretations of its unique topography.

Prior research is the key to maximising the potential of a location visit. I chose summer season as only then would the sun rise and set out to sea on a north-facing coast.

I quickly found Playa Gueirua on Google Maps, just north of the village of Santa Marina. There is no road to it but Google Earth shows the telltale signs of several paths leading north from the village. Surely it couldn’t be that difficult to find the right one?

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Mike is a landscape photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland where his photographs have been used by Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, Visit Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and local tourist associations.

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