Film, the Alternative Process

We live in a digital era with modern and well made cameras. So, is it a good idea to get back to using film or should we wake up to reality? Martin Henson has a hybrid solution

Many at the younger age end of budding photographers probably have never used film; only people as old as me, who were born and bred with it, know its benefits. Sadly, its popularity since the introduction of digital capture has dwindled considerably over the last few years. However, it’s still out there, and interest in using film again is increasing and can be integrated into the digital world; it’s called hybrid.

So what is hybrid film to digital workflow and how does one work with it? First let me give you some facts that hopefully might encourage you to try film as an alternative way to capture images.

Film and digital capture are completely different media. They are used for similar purposes, but are completely unrelated to each other, up to a point.

Most people will get better instant results from digital, whereas film involves more …

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Martin Henson

Martin tries to capture nature’s sense of power and scale in his images. Not as the camera sees it but rather through his own interpretation and inspiration.

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