The Fear of Rejection

The Fear of Rejection

Dimitri Vasileiou encourages us to carry on trying new things every day and not to worry about getting things ‘wrong’

A little while ago I visited the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where I was running a landscape photography workshop. My Hebridean workshop includes the Isles of Lewis, Harris and Uist, as well as Berneray and Benbecula which are connected to Uist via causeways.

While on the Isle of Uist we visited Griminish Bay. This is a fairly isolated bay with pristine sand. Apart from some sheep, very few visitors leave their footprints on these sands. I always feel extremely privileged to stand there and enjoy unspoilt nature.

Griminish is a north-facing bay so if you wish to photograph sunrise or sunset there, it needs to be during the summer months. However, this is not the reason we visited this location. We were after...

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Dimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

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