Entry Call For Winter Landscapes

Entry Call For Winter Landscapes

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Entry Call For Winter Landscapes

We will publish a special 'Winter Landscapes' gallery in the February issue of the magazine. Do you wish to take part? Do you have a stunning winter landscape picture? Simply fill in the form below and best of luck.

The top image published will receive a Platinum membership for a year.

Showcase your ultimate winter landscape! The best pictures will be published in Landscape Photography Magazine and will be promoted via our Forum, Flickr, 500px, Facebook group and all our social media platforms.

Entries close on the 15th of December 2016.

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    1. How many images can I submit to winter landscapes? If more than one, do I have to fill out the form for each image?

      Thanks much,
      Tom Kostes

  1. I have registered a free account and logged in but still cannot see how to submit a picture for the Entry call for winter landscapes. .

    1. Hi Mike
      If you are logged in, then you will see a submission form right on this page. If you can’t see the form, then you are not logged in.

    2. Hi becca, thanks for that, I have now managed to see the form and I am trying to submit a picture but all I keep getting is a little red x underneath the field where you load or drag the picture to.

    3. The red x means that you can deleted the uploaded picture if you think that you have uploaded the wrong one.

    1. Hi Lauri
      You need to fill in the form above. If you can’t see the form, then you need to login – or create a free account if you do not already have one.

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