Earth Day Photo Project 2016 Submissions

Earth Day Photo Project 2016

The Project

On 22 April 2016, photographers around our planet will head into the field to capture the sunrise in a photographic celebration of Earth Day. Will you take part in the project?

In order to create a feeling of community on Earth Day, photographers will capture their pictures during sunrise of 22 April 2016.

Take part, go out in your area to photograph the 22 April 2016 sunrise and your picture could be published in the world's leading landscape photography magazine. All published entrants will receive a Free Platinum membership for a year.

Help us spread the word, use #EarthDayPhotoProject2016 when sharing the news and please, do share this post – let's make our planet a better place for the next generations.

Entries close on 15 May 2016.

For any questions or remarks, please add a comment below.

Submitted pictures MUST be taken during sunrise of 22 April 2016 (your local time).

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The Story

First designated in 1970 to acknowledge the importance of the environment and humanity's relationship to nature, Earth Day is recognized by many as the birth of the modern environmental movement. Today it is observed annually around the globe.

Earth Day and its principles are the foundation for the Earth Day Photo Project. This endeavor brings people together from different countries in an effort to foster international peace and good will through nature. It unites photographers through a shared passion for the fragile beauty of our Earth and the need to come together to solve problems.

Emily Mount is the project coordinator.

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  1. Where do we submit the photo for earth day sunrise? Is there a link or do I attach it to an email?

    1. The submission form to send us your picture will be available from 23 April 2016 on this page.

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