In conversation… Rachael Talibart

In conversation… Rachael Talibart

For 14 years Rachael Talibart worked as a solicitor in the City of London, but the fact that she spent her first pay check on her first SLR was surely an indicator of her true vocation and where her life would ultimately lead
Interview by Keith Wilson

How did you become introduced to photography?
Well, my Dad always liked to take a picture. He used to take slides and always do the slide shows at home. But when I qualified I took unpaid leave and backpacked around the world on my own, which was completely mad. If my daughter did that I’d be horrified! But it was perfectly safe. I took my first 35mm film camera, a little Minolta compact and put it in my backpack and I just loved it. I went to New Zealand and Australia, saw some amazing landscapes and loved photographing them and I think that’s where it all began.

You say that’s where it all began, but when did the hobby really become an obsession?
Well, somewhere between that and my honeymoon, because my husband loves to tell everyone that when we came back from honeymoon I had 51 rolls of exposed film, so clearly by then I was obsessed.

Has landscape always been your photographic passion?
Deep down that has always been the thing I have most loved. But, in times of my life for different reasons I’ve been...

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