In Conversation With Michael Frye

In Conversation With Michael Frye

In this exclusive interview with Tiffany Briley, Michael Frye describes his beginnings in photography, how he teaches students to understand light and weather, and the best piece of advice he would give to a photographer

Can you tell us about your background? Have you always been a photographer and if not, how did you come to be a professional photographer?

No, I wasn’t always a photographer. My father was an amateur photographer, and so was one of my older brothers, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. When I got into my teens and early 20s my interest in nature started really developing. I began hiking, climbing, and looking for wildlife. I took up photography as a way to document and show the beautiful things I was seeing in nature. That is really how I got started and that was in my early 20’s.

Had you always known that you would become a photographer?

I had other jobs, but nothing I would call a career. I had dabbled in other artistic pursuits, including fiction writing and painting. I think I was searching for some kind of creative outlet and those didn’t stick for whatever reason, but photography did. Photography seemed to fit me better than some of the other things I had tried. I tell people that the only reason I succeeded in photography (to whatever degree I have) is because…

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