Celebrating British Artists

Celebrating British Artists

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Celebrating British Artists By Jan Seewald
LUMAS gallery for their autumn season are celebrating British Artists Justin Barton, Peter Adams and Jonathan Andrew.

We have 200 artists in the LUMAS portfolio at present, from all around the world. Whilst our recent exhibitions in London have featured the work of international artists (André Monet and Ralph Ueltzhoeffer both being shown recently), we realised what a great selection of images we had from British photographers in the collection, and wanted to celebrate this.

For our autumn season we wanted to draw attention to three landscape artists, Justin Barton, Peter Adams and Jonathan Andrew. Barton’s work is quintessentially British. Focusing on country estates, he captures beautiful English landscapes through the seasons, with each of the images having a timeless feel to them. LUMAS will be celebrating his collection with a full exhibition running until 15th October.

British artist does not just mean British landscape, however. Peter Adams has travelled the world for his landscape photography, visiting everywhere from the rolling countryside of Italy to the high-rises of the UAE. Adams has won many awards for his work, including the Travel Photographer of the Year, as well as contributing to numerous publications.

Jonathan Andrew’s series focuses on the serene, magical beauty of the Faroe Islands. These misty green landscapes have an otherworldly feel to them and are a million miles from Andrew’s Manchester home.

We hope that British photographers will appeal to a British audience, particularly such striking landscape photography as this. In the future we will be looking to stage more exhibitions around the work of British artists in the London gallery, as well as adding more British artists to the LUMAS portfolio.

Jan Seewald
Director of Public Relations

LUMAS London
57 South Molton Street
London W1K 5SJ

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