The Brenizer Method

The Brenizer Method By landscape photographer Kirk Norbury

The Brenizer method is difficult and time-consuming, but can create some stunning images. It is most well known for photographing people, but here Kirk Norbury describes how you can use it to great effect for landscape photography

The Brenizer Method is a term given to a technique that involves taking a large amount of images at a shallow depth of field by using a lens with a long focal length, then taking all of those images and stitching them together. This will create one single image with a beautiful wide-angle view of the scene with a very shallow depth of field and high-megapixel count. The technique was developed by a well-known wedding photographer by the name of Ryan Brenizer. His work is highly recognised for this style of imagery due to its unique look. What I love about the Brenizer Method is that you can get beautiful high-megapixel images that resemble a similar look that could have been created by a medium or large format camera.

Over the past two years I have been using this method with my photography more and more to create very different images. It pushes my creativity to new levels as not every capture works, so I become more patient and try to make sure that the landscape I’m photographing suits this type of photography. The Brenizer Method has been traditionally used for photographing people as it helps to isolate them from the surrounding subjects. However, I want to show you how you can apply this method to your landscape photography.

For this technique you can use pretty much any camera as long as it has a manual mode, as you need consistency between each exposure. The main idea of this style of image is to have a really shallow depth of field, so using a lens longer than 50mm and with a large aperture – f/1.4 to f/4 – will be ideal. You don’t need to use a tripod but if you feel more comfortable using one, then go for it. I sometimes...

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Kirk Norbury

Kirk is a landscape photographer based in Ayrshire, Scotland. His interest in photography began at college and it was there that he was able to combine his two passions; nature & photography.

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