Book Review: Post-Processing With Intent

Rafael Rojas has released a new eBook on post-processing. David Hay reviews it here and examines if this eBook is an ‘essential read’ that everyone should refer to?

This is a new eBook from the well-known photographer Rafael Rojas, following on from his previous eBook ‘Digital Black & White Landscape Photography’, which was featured in LPM Issue 43. This time he discusses the subject of post-processing your images and how to get the look and intent that you want from them.


Digital photography is now a two-stage process. First there is the image capture, then the processing of the image in order to produce the best possible result. It could be argued that post-processing is now the most important aspect of a successful image. Almost all of the top images you see these days have had some, or possibly a lot of, post-processing done to them. So, how do you go about post-processing an image to get the best result? Is it just a matter of balancing the exposure and enhancing the fine details? Well, the author believes that you should embark on post-processing any image with a prior knowledge of what it is going to look like at the end. He recommends starting off with a specific intent and working your way onwards, until the final image looks like what you had originally intended.

In Part 1, the main body of the text, the author discusses how to set and achieve your processing goals. Photographers should consider which parts of an image require enhancing and which parts can be subdued to create an interesting and balanced composition. The idea of deliberately reducing the micro-contrast of some areas to avoid competing with the main subject is an interesting concept and one which works well in the examples shown. I think most people would be familiar with ...

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