Alternative Sunrise or Sunset Colors

How do you achieve the beautiful colours of a sunset shoot when your location is filled with deep shadows? Alain Briot offers a practical solution based on his extensive experience photographing the Grand Canyon

Daytime photographs suffer from poor light and desaturated colors. In many instances waiting for sunset is the answer. However, there are locations where this does not work, one of which is the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is, well, grand – hence the name. It is a mile deep and understandably at sunset, or sunrise, it is filled with deep shadows. Sunset and sunrise are the times when the light is best in terms of color. Unfortunately, at those times, only the top of the tallest buttes gets direct sunlight.

What is a photographer to do? Get saturated colors by shooting at sunset and sunrise and not worry about the deep shadows? Shoot during the day and learn to live with cool, washed out and desaturated colors? Digital photography gives us a third option and that is to …

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