The Hard Way

When trying to improve your photography, difficulty isn’t something you should be averse to. It is something you should embrace. As Erez Marom explains, the only way to learn is the hard way

Our world is an instant one. Communication between humans is getting shorter, faster and shallower. Letters have turned into emails, which in turn have been swapped with text messages, ever shorter and more concise. Today’s generation has less patience, not only for reading longer text, but also mainly for learning. In the course of my short academic teaching career, I witnessed a significant change in the students’ mentalities. It seems like not so long ago they used to be able to concentrate and put an effort into learning, whereas now they …

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Erez Marom

Erez is a full-time nature photographer and traveler based in Israel. Erez authors professional articles on nature photography, and offers unique photography workshops in fascinating locations worldwide.

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