The Dark Side of Photography

You can photograph what you cannot see! The difference in what is perceived by our eyes versus what can be rendered in the camera, as Sapna Reddy explains, is the basic premise of photographing at night

The gospel that we as photographers live by in our attempts to ‘make a picture, not just take it’, as in the words of Ansel Adams, is often realized when we photograph in the dark. The ability of the camera to accumulate pixels gives it a singular advantage over the human eye. This is an ability that makes it possible to shrug off the shroud of darkness, showcase the cosmos spread across the canvas of the night sky and pair it with the details of the beautiful landscape below.

Years ago I was photographing at Tunnel View in Yosemite a little before midnight. Having been at the same spot numerous times before, my pictures had rendered the seasonal changes of the valley. This was my first attempt at trying to depict it at night. The moonlight was barely perceptible given an overcast sky. Visibility was so low that I could barely make out the mist moving like a silent ghost through the valley below. As I struggled with the settings, trying to...

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Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, Sapna Reddy is a landscape photographer who currently resides in California, USA.

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