The Big Filter Test

Keith Briley rounds up the best filters on the market from a selection of brands and puts them through their paces. Is it true that you always get what you pay for?

We all need them and we all love them. They are a landscape photographer’s icing on the cake; the tool that can transform an amazing composition to an exceptional image. Of all the product tests that I have had lined up for LPM, the Big Filter Test was the one that I was most excited about. Over the last few months, more than seven different companies have sent us kit, and I have had the opportunity to test each filter individually. This is not a comparison test. I have simply approached this with fresh eyes for each filter and have recorded my findings.

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Keith Briley

Keith is a professional landscape photographer and owner of Charleston Photography Tours in South Carolina, USA. When he is not on a quest to capture light and chasing adventures, Keith can be found instructing workshops.

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