Tell a Story

Always strive to find a way to tell a story with your pictures. As Ian Plant explains, it doesn‘t even have to be the real story. As with all stories, just make sure it’s a good one

The very best photographs aim to tell a story rather than just merely create a record of a place or a moment. When there is a story behind the image, even a mysterious one (arguably, especially if there is a mysterious one), viewers engage on an emotional level. Think for a moment about da Vinci’s legendary painting The Mona Lisa: would the painting have been as successful without the woman’s enigmatic smile? The smile evokes a response, making people wonder about the story behind the smirk.

Everyone – and everything – has a story to tell, and it is the photographer’s job to figure out what that story is, and to present it to others in a compelling way. The concept of ‘story’ seems to be...

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Ian Plant is a full time professional nature photographer, writer, and adventurer. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, books and calendars, and he is a frequent contributor to Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazines, among others.


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